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Correction Media

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Q-Connect Mini Correction Roller (Pack of 24) KF02131
Q-Connect Plastic Eraser White (Pack of 20) KF00236
Q-Connect Correction Roller 5mm x 8m (Pack of 12) KF01593Q
Q-Connect Correction Fluid 20ml (Pack of 10) KF10507Q
Q-Connect Correction Pen 8ml (Pack of 10) KF00271
Post-it Cover Up and Labelling Tape 8.4mmx17.7m Low Tack 652H
Rainbow Coloured Block Erasers (Pack of 24) 305047
Tombow MONO Office Correction Tape Refill 4.2mm x 14m CT-CRE4
White Pencil Erasers (Pack of 20) WX01696
Tipp-Ex Exact Liner Ecolutions Correction Roller 810473
Classmaster Plastic Eraser White (Pack of 45) PES45
Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser (Pack of 2) 52650BK2DA
Tipp-Ex Mini Pocket Mouse (Pack of 10) 8922364
Tiger Eraser And Metal Double Hole Sharpener Set (Pack of 12)
Tipp-Ex Rapid Correction Fluid 20ml 8871592
Pentel Micro Correct Correction Pen XZL31-W
Pentel Micro Correct Blister Card (Pack of 12) XZL31-W
Tombow MONO Office Correction Tape Refillable 4.2mm x 14m CT-CXE4
Correction Tape Roller (Pack of 10) WX01593
Tombow Mono Correction Roller 4.2mm CY-YT4
Post-it Cover Up and Labelling Tape 25.4mmx17.7m Low Tack 658H
Tippex Micro Twist Correct Tape (Pack of 10) 8706151
Tombow MONO air4 Correction Tape 4.2mm x 10m (Pack of 20) CT-CA4-20
Correction Fluid 20ml (Pack of 10) WX10507
Tipp-Ex Pocket Mouse Correction Tape Blister (Pack of 10) 820790
Pritt Compact Correction Roller 4.2mm x 10m (Pack of 10) 2120452
Pentel Micro Correct Pen 12ml Pack of 12 2For1
Graffico Plastic Eraser White (Pack of 45) EN05992
Tipp-Ex Mini Pocket Mouse Correction Blister (Pack of 10) 128704
Tipp-Ex Easy Correct Correction Tape (Pack of 10) 829035
Tombow Mono Correction Roller (Pack of 10) CT-YT4-10
Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser Premium Quality Self-cleaning 65x23x13mm Ref 52650 [Pack 20]
5 Star Office White Eraser 33x23x10mm [Pack 45]
Tipp-Ex Refill for Easy-refill Correction Tape Roller 5mmx14m Ref 879435 [Pack 10]
Tipp-Ex Micro Tape Twist Correction Roller with Rotating Cap 5mmx8m Ref 8706142 [Pack 10]
Pentel Micro Correct Correction Fluid Pen Needle Point Precision Tip 12ml Fine Ref ZL31-W [Pack 12]
Total 94 products
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